Insurance Disputes

Insurance protection is necessary to protect our most treasured assets, however sadly after you’ve faithfully paid your insurance premiums, when you are faced with challenges and it’s time for your Insurance company to come through for you, your claims are denied, or underpaid.  

 Insurance companies must act in good faith towards policy holders, yet often you feel you are unfairly treated, they delay, and eventually deny your claims. Most times  claims are filed after an accident, an illness, a catastrophe or a life altering event, and you are further frustrated by your insurance provider’s practices.  

The Attorneys of Bryan Farr Health Lawyers can advocate on your behalf, we’ll challenge unfair positions taken by your insurance company, file bad faith claims and litigate your claims if necessary.  

When you are vulnerable and dealing with a loss, it is best to consult with a team who is able to speak to your insurance company on your behalf. Do not walk alone.  Bryan Farr Health Lawyers will be empathetic, provide personable service, while serving as your advocate.  

We can help with

  • Health Insurance Denials 
  • Bad Faith Claims 
  • Automobile Insurance Denials 
  • Homeowners Insurance Disputes 
  • Catastrophic Disaster Claims 
  • Diminution in Value Claim