Legal Nurse Analyst/Consultant

Registered Nurses are integral in legal case development especially in the areas of personal injury, medical malpractice, and health law. In the Insurance and Pharmaceutical Industry Registered Nurses have emerged as key consultants providing insight regarding medical chronology, medical and hospital protocols, medication regimen, documentation standards and standards of care. BFH Legal nurse analysts have strong analytical skills and many years of nursing experience. Our highly credentialed legal nurse analysts are astute in detecting subtle nuances in documentation, excellent communicators who cut through the medical jargon to determine the real issue.   

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 Let us assist you with the overwhelming task of understanding the obligations of key players in your case, and interpreting the healthcare regulations involved.   

We Can help with

  • Consultations On Medical Legal Issues 
  • Medical Record Analysis And Review  
  • Recognition Of Errors, Omissions, And Causation  
  • High Quality Comprehensive Reports 
  • Specialists In Adult And Pediatric Critical Care, Emergency Care, Medical Surgical Care, Nursing Home, Telemetry, Maternal & Newborn, Wound Care 
  • Standard Of Care Metrics 
  • Risk Management And Clinical Compliance 
  • Case Evaluation 
  • Preparation Of Evidence For Trial 
  • Assistance With Preparation For Depositions And Trials 
  • Education Of Lawyers And Clients