Nursing License Defense

Attorney and Registered Nurse Althea Bryan Farr provides legal representation to Registered Nurses whose nursing licenses are threatened by allegations of misconduct and violations of the Florida Nurse Practice Act.  

Do not take allegations of patient abuse, fraud, sexual misconduct, patient abuse or neglect, abandonment, mishandling of medical information, and mishandling of medications lightly. You have worked hard to obtain your nursing license through rigorous study and clinical training. Do not allow complaints filed against you to cause you to lose the ability to practice nursing. 

Operation Nightingale Defense – Florida Board of Nursing 

Nursing school operators encouraged individuals to seek alternate routes to obtain nursing degrees other than through the conventional manner of rigorous study and clinical practice. They have tarnished the reputation of one of the most respected professions for financial gain and damaged the reputations of unsuspecting innocent students enrolled in the program.  Innocent students who truly matriculated through their programs have now received notices of allegations fraud and they are now tasked with defending themselves and proving they were not involved in the fraudulent diploma scheme.  

If a complaint is filed against you, and an investigator has been assigned to your case, and contacted you for additional information. STOP. Do not provide a response and Call Attorney Bryan Farr to help you navigate what could be the potential loss of your hard-earned privilege to practice nursing.  

WHY? Your statement may be used against you. You may provide contradictions to witness statements and documents and you may be harmed severely. Your license to practice nursing allows you a protected right under both the United States’ and Florida’s constitution. We will help ensure your rights are protected. The Board of Nursing has lawyers reviewing your complaints and you should too. Before any response is provided, we will review the claims against you and work with the investigators and legal counsel to protect your nursing license.  

In the event you gave statements, and your case has progressed to an Administrative Complaint, Call Bryan Farr Health Lawyers. Speak with our qualified Nurse Attorney, Althea Bryan Farr, Esq. We will help you protect your license, your reputation and your ability to obtain jobs in nursing. 

We can help with

  • Violations of The Florida Nurse Practice Act 
  • Fraud 
  • Sexual misconduct 
  • Patient abuse or neglect 
  • Abandonment 
  • Mishandling of medical information 
  • Mishandling of medications