Motor Vehicle Diminution in Value Claim

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Florida Statute 627.702 provides that a property insurer may provide coverage for the difference between the property’s value at the time of loss and the amount spent to repair/replace it. This directly applies to making a diminution in value claim.

Call Attorney Althea Bryan Farr, Esq to assist you with your Motor Vehicle Diminution in Value Claim. Your motor vehicle is a valuable possession in the State of Florida, if it is damaged the laws in Florida allow you to  recover the difference between your motor vehicle’s value before an accident and its value after repairs if you didn’t cause the accident.

Most Personal Injury attorneys do not focus on the damage to your motor vehicle, and frankly do not want to, but we do!

You are leaving money you deserve on the table. The amount a vehicle depreciates after an accident depends on the severity and nature of the damage. Severe accidents could cost you thousands in diminished value. 

Most insurance companies do not want you to know you can file this claim, but it is a right you have as a consumer in Florida. The diminished value is separate from the cost to repair your vehicle. Call us today.